Here we have a very nice 1965 BTM Cheetah Continuation Roadster, equipped with a Chevy 502 big block V8,  speed transmission, 4 barrell carburetor, custom ceramic coated headers, rack and pinion steering, manual vented four wheel disc brakes, 4130 Chrome Moly tubing frame, Fully adjustable independant suspension, four wheel coil over shocks, tubular wishbone and trailing arms, Corvette spindle, bearings and independent rear end. Body is hand laid fiberglass with 6.0 oz. cloth inside finish and inner door panels. Complete weight of this car is 1,700lbs, the wheel base is 90 inches long and 59 inches wide. This is a really cool car for the avid collector that loves the mid 60s race cars or someone that just wants something different to drive to the shows. Killer car with killer looks. $34,000.00

Bit of History on this car:

The Cheetah is Born

In the 60s, it was Chevrolet idea - and Bill Thomas dream - to create a car that would challenge the Cobra. The result? The awe-inspiring Cheetah, born of vision and guts and a commitment to build a car that would shatter track records along with the Cobras dominance. With storied race-car builders Don Edmunds and Don Borth, Bill Thomas built a car that in turn built a new story of speed. 185 mph at RoadAmerica. 215 mph at Daytona.

Despite the small staff producing the car, the Cheetah, boasting shockingly good looks and unheard-of performance, developed a fanatical following. It did not just turn heads at tracks: the street version brought envy to every neighborhood it called home. But sadly, it was not meant to be: Chevy pulled its support and, in a twist of unfriendly fate, fire destroyed the Cheetah factory. The dream ended, but the haunting question remained: What might have been?

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